SE Graphics/Knobs

SynthEdit Skins/Knobs

Here I'll be posting some graphics etc. for Synthedit, for now I have:

SIV knobs 3: 24 knobs for Synthedit.  Replaces knob_med.x files in SE default skins folder.

Download Link

SIV knobs 2: 12 knobs made with KnobMan, replaces knob_sm files in default skins.  Free to download and use in your own plug-ins.  \/
Download Link

SIV knob set 1: Set of free knobs (knob_med.png/.txt replacements for default SE skins made with jKnobman) they are pictured below, some come in multiple sizes. They are free to use in any of your commercial or, preferably, free plug-ins.

Download Link

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