NOTE: This is a larger project that is still in BETA, so feedback/bug reporting is important at this point in its development.  Enjoy another FREE plugin, and please send your opinions/comments to my email address or respond below.  I can only make alpha versions when I have adequate consumer feedback.

MGCK 2.0 (Updated 4/4/17)
Analog-style vst plugin synthesizer with 4 oscillators, 3 LFOs. 3 filters, 2 delays, and multiple pages of controls. 

(windows 32bit vbeta2.0)

Main View
Sub View

    MGCK is a digital emulation of a mythical synthesizer

    MGCK 2.0 Details: 20 presets included.  Click through the pages on this synth to find all the controls.  This plugin is BIG.  Three oscillators with their own amplifier envelopes, waveform selector, octave/semitone selectors, and the option to control the pitch and/or volume using the LFOs.  The other oscillator produces a square wave with it's own amplifier envelope, pulse width slider(With negative PW), octave selector and the option to control pitch, pulse width,  and the HP/LP filter with the LFOs.  2 of the 3 filters (A and B) have their own envelopes that can be controlled with the LFOs, a selector to select if the filter envelope affects the pitch or the resonance of the filter.  Cutoff or reso knobs are active when the other is the envelope mode.  Filter C is a static filter with a distortion.  All filters have 4 knobs that mix the oscillator input levels.  LFO I can be controlled by the mod wheel, which can control one of its sliders.  LFO I and II have 3 waveforms, LFO III has 5.  All LFOs have with tempo synced(optional) frequency, depth, and offset controls.  LFO III has added pulse width and Phase controls.  Mixer balances the signals coming from the filters as well as the oscillators' dry signal.  Output level, compression, and hpf/lpf filters.  Pan can be controlled by a slider or with the LFOs.  2 delays with bypass and filters with cutoff and reso controls, LFO controllable speed and feedback controls, and tempo sync options.  Midi controls include glide rate (for mono), mono/poly modes, midi channel, bend range, and envelope retrigger option.  Kill switch.  NEW SUB CONTROLS: in sub view.  Phase Modulation controls added! Modulating oscillator has 7 waveforms, a scope (shows modulating wave and a choice of osc1,2,3,pulse or all), pulse width, frequency (either set to a note (oct, root note, and scale type, or LFO controlled), and on/off button and phase mod depth for each osc.  Tempo is detected, can be set to a write in tempo to control the tempo synced LFOs and delays.  Chorus with wet/dry mix, depth, and tempo-synced speed.  Distortion with gain, clip, bias, and power drain and speed controls as well.   EQ/filter sweep(Static or LFO controlled) controls with resonance, Lo, Mid, and Hi. 

CREDIT: Some controls elements (knobs, sliders, and buttons) on the MGCK created by Vera Kinter, URL 

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