SynthIV Plug-in Master List

SynthIV Plug-in Master List
Free VST Plug-ins (win 32bit), beta versions.
[Updated as of 5/20/17]

Direct Link to All Plug-ins
(links to full google drive folder, where all plug-ins can be accessed and downloaded)


GSS-370 -  Circuit-bent Yamaha PSS-370 (80s FM synth)
(2 preset banks)

Sylva - Three-stage Phase Modulation Synthesizer
(2 preset banks)

MGCK Synthesizer - Analog style 4 osc synthesizer. -v2.0

IV Line - IV Line version 2.0 beta 4 step sequencer with midi control option, and tempo synced sequencing and delay. -v3.0

Mini-Chord - Digital chord organ.  Chord organ sounds synthesized in real time.  -v3.0

The Visitor - Compact, spooky synthesizer with stereo chorus effect. -v2.0


Soft Glow Organ - Organ Rompler sampled from a 1960s electric organ and designed with synthesizer-style controls and effects. -v2.0


Neviah - Triple filter/delay effect with modulation and distortion.

Anaesthesia Distortion Effect - Distortion effect with filter/shaper.  Tube or digitally modeled distortions, and an output limiter.

KOS Effect - One knob chaos creator.  Use at your own risk.  SIV exclusive.

Stereo Pulse Ultra Effect - Tempo-synced and highly controllable stereo volume modulation effect. -v1.2


Desert Haze Mp3 Player - Vaporwave .wav/.mp3 player, plays .wav/.mp3 files at slower speed/pitch, adds a filter sweep and reverb, and includes triggered samples -v2.0


Stereo Pulse Effect - Auto-pan with independent L/R channels and tempo sync.

THE LOUD - Loud ass synthesizer.

ZZRS - unfinished, very beta, but its here to try anyway.  Direct and only link.

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