Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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SynthIV Free vst Plug-ins 

Developer's Note: Glad you could make it to my page!  See the master list link at the bottom of the page to view all available vst instruments and effects.  I make VST synthesizer plug-ins using Synthedit, solely for my love of synthesizers and every one posted on here is completely free for anyone to download and use.  Feel free to repost, share, or link to my plug-ins on other sites as well.  I have only beta versions uploaded and they are meant to grow and evolve over time.   I love feedback in any form so please feel free to contact me about any issues, comments, suggestions for future projects, etc.  I can update within a few days, usually, and I'm very active as far as communication/support.


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-Sylva and GSS-370 have 2 NEW PRESET BANKS on KVR (6.6.17)

-GSS-370 was added.  Based on the Yamaha PSS-370 (5.20.17)

-Soft Glow Organ has been updated to v2.0 (4.24.17)

New Plugin Demo Video Playlist

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